Vietnam and China officials agree that there is ample potential for further defense cooperation.

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    Oct 30, 2023

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Vietnam Defense Minister Giang & China Vice Chairman He Weidong believe there is ample opportunity for defense cooperation between their nations.


During the meeting held in Beijing, officials reached an agreement stating that Vietnam and China should uphold regular high-level visits and meetings between their leaders from central military commissions and defense ministries. They also emphasized the importance of continuing the border defense friendship exchange and enhancing the exchange of experiences in Party-related and political affairs within their armed forces. In addition, both countries expressed a desire to explore opportunities for expanding collaboration in various fields, including high-quality manpower training, defense industry, strategy studies, military medicine, and other areas that align with their respective strengths and demands.

Regarding the East Sea matter, they believe that it is essential to engage in an open and honest dialogue, effectively manage disagreements, collaboratively explore suitable solutions in accordance with the shared understanding between the leaders of both Parties and countries. They also emphasize the importance of fully implementing the Declaration on the Conduct of Parties in the East Sea (DOC) and promptly concluding a comprehensive and enforceable code of conduct (COC) aligned with international law.

During his official visit to China, General Giang emphasized the enduring gratitude of Vietnam towards their Chinese counterparts for the invaluable support during the historic struggle for national liberation and reunification, as well as in the ongoing process of national construction. The Party, Government, army, and people of Vietnam deeply appreciate the significant assistance received from China and hold it close to their hearts.

He stated that Vietnam has always maintained a consistent viewpoint of valuing the establishment of solidarity and friendship, long-term stability, strong mutual trust, and comprehensive cooperation with China, regardless of any circumstances.

Vietnam upholds key principles in its foreign and defense policies. These include a commitment to independence, self-reliance, peace, friendship, cooperation, and development. The nation also adheres to the "four no's": it avoids military alliances, taking sides in conflicts between countries, permitting foreign military bases on its territory, and using force or threats in international relations. Moreover, Vietnam places great importance on maintaining a peaceful and stable security environment. It recognizes this as vital for cooperation and mutual development. Consequently, Vietnam welcomes cooperation initiatives and mechanisms proposed by all countries, with the aim of promoting peace, stability, common development, and regional interests.

According to Giang, Vietnam places great importance on China's significant and worldwide collaborative initiatives that aim to promote mutual interests. These initiatives include the Global Development Initiative, the Global Civilization Initiative, and the Belt and Road Initiative.

Senior Lieutenant General He emphasized that China places great significance on strengthening and advancing the comprehensive strategic cooperative partnership with Vietnam.

The host official emphasized the significance of Vietnam's "four no's" defense policy and praised its positive impact on fostering friendship and cooperation between the two Parties and States. This defense cooperation plays a vital role in promoting peace, stability, cooperation, and development within each country, as well as at a regional and global level, benefiting both nations' peoples.

After enduring an extended period of the Covid-19 pandemic, both parties concurred that numerous collaborative endeavors have been successfully executed between the two military forces in 2023.

During the discussions, Giang extended an invitation to He and other high-ranking officials from the Central Military Commission and the Defense Ministry of China. The purpose of this invitation was to attend the upcoming event commemorating the 80th founding anniversary of the Vietnam People's Army, as well as the second edition of the Vietnam International Defense Expo, scheduled to take place in late 2024.

The Vietnamese official also expressed his gratitude for being invited to attend and speak at the ongoing 10th Beijing Xiangshan Forum. He also conveyed his confidence that the event will achieve great success.

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