Vietnam seeks aid for its citizens in Myanmar, urging support measures.

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    Nov 15, 2023

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Vietnamese Embassy in Myanmar ensures safety of citizens amidst security concerns in northern states.


In light of the current situation, and in accordance with the directives from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the embassy has initiated talks with the appropriate local authorities. These discussions aim to obtain assistance from the Myanmar government in order to guarantee the security and well-being of Vietnamese citizens. Our objective is to create a safe environment and facilitate their departure from hazardous zones by requesting favorable conditions.

In an effort to ensure the safety and well-being of Vietnamese citizens in the region, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has reached out to the relevant authorities in China and Myanmar. Their objective is to seek assistance from these countries in safeguarding and protecting the Vietnamese nationals residing there.

If it is not absolutely necessary, the ministry strongly advises Vietnamese citizens to refrain from traveling to or remaining in Shan, Kayin, and Rakhine states.

The statement advises individuals residing in these states to make immediate arrangements for a secure evacuation of themselves and their belongings to another country or consider returning to Vietnam.

Regular updates on information from the Myanmar authorities and the MoFA (Consular Department or Vietnamese Embassy in Myanmar) should be provided to the citizens, ensuring prompt responses.

If there is an emergency situation, individuals have the option to reach out for assistance through the following hotlines: the citizen protection hotline of the embassy at 959660888998 or the Consular Department hotline of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA) at 84 981 84 84 84 and 84 965 41 11 18. Alternatively, they can also make use of the email address [email protected] for contacting the relevant authorities.

According to local media reports on Monday, an ethnic armed group in Myanmar has initiated assaults on security force outposts in the western region of the country. This development adds to the challenges faced by the junta as it grapples with ongoing conflict in the northern parts of Myanmar.

According to analysts, this represents the most notable military obstacle faced by the junta since its seizure of power in 2021.

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