Vietnamese users face Facebook page access errors, as reported by them.

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    Nov 13, 2023

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Facebook fanpages in Vietnam faced issues on Sunday, preventing owners from accessing their pages or uploading fresh content.


Hoang Kiet, an online business owner residing in HCMC, encountered issues with the social media platform on Sunday morning, approximately at 10 a.m. As he attempted to initiate a livestream on his page, he received notifications indicating that he lacked the necessary authorization to access the page or publish any content.

In the beginning, his concern arose from a possible hack on his account, prompting him to reach out to a service provider via Facebook in order to seek additional information and clarification.

The individual mentioned that numerous other fanpages have also raised the same issue, clarifying that it originated from Facebook's end and not as a result of any hacking activity.

Thu Thuong, an administrator for a popular sport fanpage boasting over 100,000 likes, recently revealed that she received a notification stating that she no longer had the necessary permissions to manage her page as she normally would. It's worth noting that her page does not engage in any advertisement activities or share any content that might be considered controversial or sensitive.

According to Mai Thanh Phu, an expert in social media services, the problem was primarily observed when users logged into their accounts on personal computers. However, he mentioned that individuals signing in through their smartphones experienced comparatively fewer issues.

According to him, the issue would be addressed by Facebook and no action was required from the users.

Kiet expressed that his online business had been greatly impacted by the problem.

He stated that not only did he miss out on weekend sales, but he also had to notify his customers that the issue was caused by Facebook.

According to data obtained from Downdetector, there has been a noticeable increase in the number of users experiencing difficulties with Facebook since 9 a.m. The reported issues can be categorized as follows: 50% were associated with web browser problems, 38% were related to the Facebook application, and the remaining 12% had trouble signing into their accounts.

The issue was not limited to specific regions as users across the globe also encountered this problem. Many individuals from different parts of the world took to international forums to express their frustration, mentioning their attempts to file complaints to Facebook but remained waiting for a response.

By 1 p.m., the error remained unresolved, causing inconvenience for numerous users who were still unable to access their page in the usual manner.

There has been no response from the Facebook representative in Vietnam regarding the issue at hand.

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