Vietnamese village combats plastic waste - a proactive approach towards sustainability.

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    Jul 1, 2023

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Trieu Khuc, a Hanoi village, is renowned for its eco-friendly plastic recycling, showcasing remarkable environmental sustainability.


In the face of the worldwide plastic waste crisis, an impressive number of roughly 220 households in the village have taken up the responsibility of collecting and recycling plastic waste every day. Together, their dedicated efforts have led to a remarkable accumulation of over 170 tonnes of plastic waste, all prepared for efficient processing and recycling.

Vietnamese village tackles plastic waste

In June 2023, Trieu Khuc Village in Hanoi witnessed an inspiring sight as its residents actively engaged in recycling bottles and various plastic items. A video captured by Reuters showcased the remarkable efforts of Trieu Khuc Artisanal Plastic Recycling Village, where individuals diligently contributed to the recycling process.

According to a recent 2022 World Bank report, Vietnam is prominently recognized as a significant contributor to the worldwide plastic waste dilemma, with an estimated annual generation of around 3.1 million tonnes.

However, Trieu Khuc and other towns are actively undertaking important measures to tackle this challenge, making significant contributions towards combatting plastic pollution.

The efforts being carried out within the village stand as a compelling demonstration of environmental action propelled by the collective power of the community.

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