VNU-RMIT Innovation Hub fosters Vietnam-Australia partnership, fueling collaboration. (68 characters)

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    Nov 9, 2023

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The VNU-RMIT Innovation Hub fosters collaboration in innovation between Vietnam and Australia, connecting universities and businesses at Hanoi's Hoa Lac campus.


The grand opening of the VNU-RMIT Innovation Hub took place on November 4, graced by the esteemed presence of leaders from the Vietnamese government, Vietnam National University, Hanoi (VNU), and RMIT University. This significant event was captured in a photo, generously provided by RMIT.

Envisioned as a cutting-edge collaborative laboratory and workspace, this expansive hub spans across nearly 1,000 square meters. Equipped with state-of-the-art facilities, it aims to propel technology and scientific research in Vietnam to new heights.

The objective of this initiative is to create a connection between VNU and RMIT, along with various education and industry partners, for the purpose of collaborating on research and development projects. The primary focus of these projects will revolve around disciplines related to science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM).

RMIT and VNU-ITI, the main coordinator for the hub at VNU, will collaborate closely to facilitate the training of skilled individuals at doctoral and post-doctoral levels. Additionally, they will jointly organize conferences, seminars, and academic exchange activities between Vietnam and Australia. This partnership aims to foster the development of high-quality talent in both countries.

According to Professor Ian Burnett, Deputy Vice-Chancellor (STEM College) and Vice-President of RMIT University, the importance of STEM disciplines in Vietnam's future cannot be overstated. These fields are set to play a crucial role in driving innovation, fostering economic growth, and promoting societal development in the country.

Burnett expressed enthusiasm for the exciting progress made through investment in research and infrastructure, aimed at promoting advanced scientific research and encouraging collaboration among Vietnam's leading universities in these areas.

Professor Claire Macken, Pro Vice-Chancellor and General Director of RMIT Vietnam, expressed optimism about the collaborative alliance between RMIT and VNU-ITI. She emphasized that this partnership holds immense potential for propelling Vietnam to a prominent position within the global technology industry.

The hub showcases state-of-the-art amenities spread over an impressive area of almost 1,000 square meters. We extend our gratitude to RMIT for providing us with the accompanying photograph.

Associate Professor Tran Xuan Tu, the Director of VNU-ITI, has stated that the primary goal of the hub is to facilitate businesses in obtaining scientific and technological solutions pertaining to crucial emerging sectors including new materials, semiconductor technology, renewable energy, and AI.

According to Tu, our objective in constructing the hub was not only to establish connections among renowned scientists but also to foster collaborations with businesses from Vietnam and Australia. This approach enables our research to leverage practical insights and effectively address real-world requirements.

According to Associate Professor Pham Bao Son, Vice President of VNU, the university takes pride in being at the forefront of education and research in science and technology in the country. With a primary emphasis on acquiring, sharing, and implementing technological advancements, VNU aims to contribute significantly to economic progress and societal advancement.

He expressed anticipation for numerous fruitful collaborations with the university, acknowledging RMIT's prominent position in STEM and reputation for innovation, entrepreneurship, and strong industry connections.

The inauguration of the innovation hub was held at the VNU Investment Promotion Conference 2023, an annual event that serves as a nexus between VNU and aspiring businesses and entrepreneurs from around the world. This platform fosters connections in the fields of education, training, science, and technology, attracting both domestic and international participants.

Professor Claire Macken, Pro Vice-Chancellor and General Director of RMIT Vietnam, along with Associate Professor Tran Xuan Tu, Director of VNU-ITI, were present at the plenary session of the VNU Investment Promotion Conference 2023. This photo has been provided by RMIT.

The partnership between RMIT and VNU commenced in 1995, yielding a range of initial accomplishments. These included the establishment of a systems development center exclusively for VNU, implementation of quality assurance initiatives, facilitation of study exchange programs, and joint organization of various international conferences and seminars.

In the year 2017, a partnership agreement was established between the two entities with the aim of enhancing collaboration across various domains including academic excellence, leadership development, joint research initiatives, and research supervision.

Since the year 2018, their collaboration has expanded to encompass various domains including innovation, entrepreneurship, technology, engineering, and business.

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