Wildlife center accepting four rescued wallabies for care.

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    Nov 14, 2023

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Hoang Lien Wildlife Center in Lao Cai will rescue and care for 4 wallabies rescued from smugglers in Cao Bang. #WildlifeRescue


La Van Toi, the director of Hoang Lien Wildlife Rescue, Conservation and Development Center, announced on Monday that the center has successfully fulfilled all necessary formalities to receive the four wallabies. Presently, they are eagerly awaiting the Cao Bang Forest Protection Department's species assessment.

The existing barn at the center is currently undergoing renovations to accommodate the wallabies. Spanning approximately 200 square meters, this barn consists of two sections - an outdoor area and a roofed space. The team is also planning to introduce miniature landscapes and caves in the near future. These additions will serve as shelters for the wallabies, providing them with warmth and protection from the cold.

Toi is of the opinion that the expense incurred for feeding the four wallabies is reasonable, as their diet primarily consists of vegetables that are easily accessible in Sa Pa town.

Toi expressed his intention to raise and research this newly discovered wallaby species in Cao Bang, seeking guidance and knowledge from experts and international animal organizations.

The Hoang Lien Wildlife Rescue, Conservation and Development Center was founded in 2014 and spans across a vast area of 29.6 hectares. Ideally located just 3 km away from the heart of Sa Pa, this center is dedicated to safeguarding wildlife and promoting their sustainable growth.

At present, the center is responsible for the well-being of over 100 individuals comprising approximately 30 species. Among these species, a significant 80% are recognized as endemic to Vietnam, while the remaining individuals belong to exotic species like the alligator snapping turtle and red-eared turtle.

Last week, rangers in Thach An District, Cao Bang, undertook the noble task of rescuing four wallabies. These innocent creatures had been callously abandoned by smugglers along the Vietnam – China border upon being apprehended by the authorities. Remarkably, each wallaby displayed a healthy condition, weighing between 8 to 10 kilograms.

According to experts, wallabies, which are often referred to as miniature kangaroos, have their origins rooted in Australia. These fascinating creatures typically weigh around 30 kg when fully grown, and measure approximately 1.8 m in length, including their tail.

The Thach An District Forest Ranger Department is currently housing a group of four wallabies.

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