Ha Long Bay project halted due to urban work encroachment. Max 200 characters.

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    Nov 8, 2023

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Ha Long Bay urban project halted due to environmental concerns in protected area.


The Cam Pha City People's Committee has called upon the Department of Natural Resources and the Environment, the Department of Urban Management, Culture and Information, the Quang Hanh Ward People's Committee, and other relevant authorities to conduct a thorough inspection of the 10B urban project prior to November 10th.

Do Gia Capital and its partners have initiated a project in Quang Hanh Ward, covering a substantial area of 32 hectares. This ambitious endeavor, amounting to an estimated cost of VND1.23 trillion ($50.63 million), includes a parcel of land measuring 3.9 hectares that falls within a safeguarded zone situated in the revered Ha Long Bay special national heritage site.

On Monday, authorities in Quang Ninh Province revealed several instances of environmental violations, which notably involved non-compliance with the prescribed environmental impact evaluation report.

The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism has urged them to ensure that the investors adhere to its regulations completely. Additionally, they are requested to keep the public informed about the progress, details, and methodology of the project.

According to Tran Hoa Thanh, the director of Do Gia Capital, the company has diligently implemented the environmental protection measures suggested by authorities prior to commencing construction activities.

Our construction methods will align with the recommendations stated in the environmental impact evaluation report.

In 1994 and 2000, Ha Long Bay received recognition from UNESCO as a natural heritage site. Subsequently, in 2009, it was also designated as a national heritage site.

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